Take a look at what some had to say after experiencing a SGGA Golf Coaching Trip...

"The coaching trip was extremely well organised; the materials sent out in advance contained all the information we needed and the mixed ability of the group didn't impact on my enjoyment of the golf. The combination of lessons on the driving range and the session on the short game were well timed and the informal discussion on rules was really useful – I believe everyone learned something new and you helped clear up questions that we all had. As one of the least experienced golfers in the group, I felt very welcomed and would certainly recommend the SGGA Coaching Trip to both novice and experienced players. You managed to give everyone some dedicated time with a focus on how we can improve our game and your style of teaching is both encouraging and effective. Although the trip was based around a competition, this should not deter any future participants who might feel intimidated by this aspect because it just encouraged everyone to play better. The social aspects of the trip were equally fun and it was a great opportunity to get to know other golfers from the Club. Thank you for organising a great trip. I look forward to the next one!" - Jacinta Scannell

"The Golf Coaching trip to Penina in the Algarve was a wonderful experience.  The organization of the whole week could not have been better planned.  The flights to and from Faro were at sensible times, avoiding the dreaded early morning slots.  Penina Hotel was very comfortable and the staff all had good command of English.  Mark worked us hard with 2 hours of coaching each morning  followed by 18 holes on one of the three courses.  Mark’s great skill is ,  firstly, a  natural ability to explain  in very simple terms the finer points of technique of this complicated game in a way that every one understands, then spending time with each one helping them, with great patience and encouragement, to  incorporate  this into  their game in a way they never thought was possible!  Away from the course Mark ensures we get well fed and watered.   I could not find fault with any aspect of the trip, which doesn’t happen without due attention to every detail.  So thanks, Mark,  for such a worthwhile and enjoyable tour." - Nick Reynolds

"I spent a couple of hours at the range this afternoon going over some of the valuable learning from Penina. Having been on other coaching trips there I can say hand on heart yours was the best and most informative. I know how lucky we were to have a small group and therefore a high level of individual attention. I'm so pleased there will be another trip next year, and maybe by then I will have the confidence to swing my driver using the watch face technique. Thanks for a great experience." Barbara Rayment

"Just a very short email to say a big thank you for organising such a wonderful golf coaching trip to Hardelot in France. The group was excellent and at 10 the perfect size for such a trip. The location was ideal with two really great golf courses and the coaching each morning was excellent. Your research and organisation was perfect as was shown by an excellent choice of hotel and choice of restaurant each evening. Ten out of ten for everything." Richie Ryan

 "I just wanted to thank you again for arranging such a wonderful week at the Penina Hotel. The effort and organisation you put in was truley amazing and greatly appreciated. I thought what we did for the price was unbelievable. I loved the teaching and the opportunity to play on a "bigs boys" golf course - never to be forgotten, and to have buggies was fantastic. I learned such a lot and only hope I can put it to good use. The hotel was great. Fantastic restaurants and lovely fellow participants. But best of all your presence." Tony Yates-Watson 

"In my view there is nothing you can do to make this coaching trip better. There is no flattery in this comment, I mean it. It may be different for others, I don't know, but for me I had never done anything like this before and I can assure that the whole experience went beyond my expectations. I had no doubt that it was going to be great, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do but I was quite blown away by the perfection of it all.
The hotel is just splendid - so sophisticated and yet not pompous or pretentious at all. Everything runs smoothly, the staff bend over backwards to please you, they remember you, the food is outstanding... I made the most of the pool, so welcome in that heat, I loved my runs through the course, I treated myself to not one but two massages. I can't fault the place and I made the most of what it has to offer.
Onto golf. It was such a treat to play on a Championship course. Very challenging of course, but in an exhilarating way, not an intimidating way. I so enjoyed the company of my golfing partners because we all had a similar mindset: to apply what we've learnt, rejoice in each other's good shots, laugh at the bad ones, and not worry about the score! I think they were all great fun to play with.
I have learnt so much, I found your coaching very organised, professional, technical (but not too technical). In fact it's not just your coaching that was great, it's the way you deliver it and the way you seem to care about us 'getting it' and taking it on board. I hope you know that I am very grateful that when I took up golf (a little reluctantly as you know!) I ended up by chance with you as a coach. I don't think 'a coach is a coach'. There are bad ones, average ordinary ones, good ones... and a few who are better than others, like you. When I play good golf I always thank you in my head and I always give you the credit for what you have taught me. Again, there is no flattery here. You are a great coach and such a nice person."  Ingrid Deane-Williams

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